Pokimane Calls Out Creator

Amiel Rose Andres - September 4, 2022
Pokimane Calls Out Creator

Pokimane, a well-known Twitch streamer, remembers a male streamer yesterday who tried to diss her for a recent Instagram post. Pokimane, however, discovered a double standard in the streamer’s reasoning. 

Pokimane’s six-week streaming break, which she used as a mental reset, ended with her return to Twitch yesterday. The Twitch star continued where she left off, creating a stir, calling out critics, and railing against one particular anonymous male streamer. Pokimane paused when dissecting a recent YouTube video to consider a disagreement she had with another Twitch streamer. Pokimane claimed she shut this former friend completely out of her life because of how bitterly they disagreed.

Pokimane had a scathing memory of their interaction but would not identify the person she had a disagreement with.

The unidentified streamer allegedly objected to Pokimane’s Instagram picture of him wearing a bright pink suit and said that he simply shared the image for male affirmation. Pokimane argued that all online content creators publish for approval of some form in response to this ludicrous assumption. Pokimane mocked the critic, saying, “One mother flipper deadass was all up in my DMs, talking about ‘you did this for male validation,’ I was like, ‘you tweet shit out all the time for validation too,’ and he’s like, ‘so, you agree with me?’ No, I’m pointing out that we clearly don’t see eye to eye.”

The unfavorable streamer even allegedly said, “If I was your dad, I’d be disappointed,” according to Pokimane. While reliving the incident, Pokimane could not help but giggle, reiterating that her relationship with her father was great. Pokimane’s perspective on the content creation sector was instead expanded as a result of the engagement.

The Twitch streamer expressed complete bewilderment, saying, “It made me realize, what am I doing to be existing in an industry where people think that’s normal. You think it’s normal to talk to me like that? To talk about me like that? That’s fucking weird. Too much shit happens in this industry that goes unchecked.” 

Pokimane did not reveal the identify of the person who provoked the streamer’s outburst, despite the viewers’ persistent attempts to do so.

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