NICKMERCS Calls Out Unsupportive Fans

Amiel Rose Andres - May 18, 2022
NICKMERCS Calls Out Unsupportive Fans

Unsupportive fans of popular streamer Nick ‘NICKMERCS’ Kolcheff have criticized him for playing games other than Warzone.

Following the exciting news that Infinity Ward is working on Warzone 2 alongside MW2, many people have been wondering if NICKMERCS will return to the battle royale genre. Despite abandoning Warzone in favor of Apex Legends, the popular streamer has frequently returned to the game when new upgrades are released. Nick has expressed his excitement for Warzone 2 and MW2 while maintaining his position on the present status of the game. However, the content creator has expressed his displeasure with unsupportive fans, claiming that they have harmed his enthusiasm for Warzone.

Nickmercs explained; “There’s just this group of people that get mad that I go play a different game. They get mad, they come to me, and they b*tch at me not for playing that game. They hate on the new game I’m playing, and they b*tch at me for not playing the old game I used to play.”

While many of Nick’s followers have embraced his move to Apex Legends and praised his contributions to the competitive scene, there are still individuals who oppose his departure from Warzone. These are the types of viewers the streamer frequently encounters, especially when transitioning between games. 

He added; “It makes me resent that whole area. It’s just the circle of life of my stream, it happens every f*cking time. I’m over here trying to turn the page. I have my goals, my aspirations, and I’m just trying to do my thing…They’re just being so unsupportive. They just talk sh*t about the place I’m at now and b*tching at me for not being where they want me.”

Regardless, Nick stated that he will return to Warzone in the future, but that he does not intend to play the BR in its current state. “People probably think I’ll never play CoD again, well, that’s not the case. The current state of Warzone is not intriguing to me. I get on that game and I just feel nothing, unless I’m playing with my friends.”

With Warzone 2 and MW2 on the way, Nick will most certainly return to battle royale, but fans hoping for a return to Caldera will be disappointed. Nick is currently focused on the Apex Legends competition scene.

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