Mizkif Suffered Major Loss

Amiel Rose Andres - January 25, 2023
Mizkif Suffered Major Loss

Mizkif, a famous Twitch streamer, has stated that he lost a lot of hair before coming back to streaming this year.

Mizkif stopped broadcasting in October 2022 while a probe into claims that he assisted in covering up a sexual assault was continuing. The One True King organization, which he helped co-found, placed him on leave and opened an inquiry, and the Twitch star took a break from all social media. The 27-year-old was cleared at the end of the investigation, and he has since resumed his regular streaming schedule.

The streaming celebrity has now spoken up about his troubles, admitting that he experienced significant hair loss prior to returning to Twitch. Mizkif released a photo of his hair from three months ago during his broadcast on January 20. At the time, he was receiving criticism from the public. 

When comparing old and new photos, Mizkif noticed a significant improvement, particularly in his hairline. He claimed; “Isn’t that nuts? Isn’t that actually kind of crazy? This is when I’d go through my hair and get like 500 hairs.”

As is customary for his supporters, Mizkif was recently accused of using steroids. He has since rejected this accusation. One supporter made a joke, “Stop using steroids.” 

It’s important to note that the extreme stress he was under at the time is probably what caused him to lose his hair. Mizkif’s return to the Amazon-owned site hasn’t exactly gone well. The co-founder of OTK gained fame after dropping a bench press on himself while attempting a new personal best during one of his early streams. Additionally, he received a Twitch ban for “Aiding Account Suspension Evasion,” which was swiftly lifted 24 hours later.

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