Mizkif Receives a Heartwarming Message From His House Cleaner

Amiel Rose Andres - July 31, 2023
Mizkif Receives a Heartwarming Message From His House Cleaner

After sharing with his followers a touching note from his housekeeper thanking the streaming celebrity for everything he’s done, Mizkif was overcome with emotion.

Over the past few years, as streaming has grown in popularity, it has transformed not only the lives of some of the largest producers but also those close to them. Creators frequently help out their friends, loved ones, coworkers, and fans, with streamers like Adin Ross promising to pay for cancer treatments for individuals who cannot afford them. In the example of Mizkif, the 28-year-old altered the life of his housekeeper, enabling him to purchase a home by working for him and other streamers as a result of Miz. 

Mizkif revealed during his live stream on July 28 that his cleaner JJ texted him at one in the morning while he was watching a movie. Even though getting a text at that hour is odd in and of itself, the streamer went on to say that during the four years that they have known one another, he has never received a text at that time, which raised some suspicions.

“I got scared, did something happen to him, is he ok?” said Mizkif. “He’s never texted me in the four years I’ve known him at one in the morning. He usually just texts Synack saying pay me.”

The streamer was prepared to contact his cleaner after waiting for several minutes and receiving no response when he eventually received one, which he read out to his audience. Mizkif read the text while sobbing, “I wanted to tell you thank you a lot for all the work you gave me and referrals to friends and other streamers. I finally bought a house, and it wouldn’t have been possible if I never got all the extra work and your the main one to have done that for me. I closed yesterday on my house and got the keys. Just wanted to say thanks.”

It’s safe to assume that the text not only moved the hearts of Mizkif and his viewers, who crowded the conversation with supportive responses, but also of Mizkif. Mizkif stated, “It made me so happy… yeah, nah it was nice.”

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