Mizkif & EsfandTV Message To Their Fans

Amiel Rose Andres - May 17, 2022
Mizkif & EsfandTV Message To Their Fans

The South Korean trip of Twitch stars Matthew “Mizkif” and EsfandTV continued on a recent livestream, where the duo had a special message for their audience.

While the co-founders of One True King (OTK) were watching a live street performance, Mizkif began interacting with his audience. At first glance, the Twitch content creator appeared to be sending a positive message, but things quickly became far more amusing as his speech took on a darker tone. Esfand also chimed in with a “wholesome” message for his followers. When the Austin, Texas native made the following statement, it struck a chord with his fans: “No matter how bad it is, it is going to get worse, chat.”

The Twitch sensations livestreamed their latest South Korean IRL stream earlier today, while strolling through the city’s crowded streets late at night. The streamer group discovered a wonderful street musician at the four-hour point of their stream and paused for a bit to listen to the artist’s melodic music. While the music played in the background, the 25-year-old Twitch streamer began to communicate with his viewers directly, saying: “Chat, I want you to do right now, is add someone random in chat right now, who maybe having a bad day. I want to let them know that you (Twitch chat) are there for them.”

Esfand then added to the conversation, saying: “And I want you to let them know that it’s going to get worse some day, so this won’t be your worst day that you will ever have. So no matter how bad it is, it can always get worse.” 

Mizkif echoed Esfand’s sentiments, stating that no matter how terrible things were for his fans, they could get worse. He proceeded, saying: “Puberty is nothing. Wait until you’re in your 20s and your parents kick you out.” He smiled, and the camera moved to Esfand, who said: “You think getting kicked out is bad? Imagine losing your job, losing your house, losing your wife, losing your kids, losing your house again because your second wife also took that too.” 

Miz returned to the camera and stated: “Imagine you doing gambling slots and you lose your kid’s house, because that is tough!” Esfand then replicated popular slots and gambling Twitch broadcaster Tyler “Trainwreckstv’s” statutory warning and encouraged his audience not to bet. “You will lose! You will lose, do not gamble!” 

The duo’s dark yet humorous message to their fans ended, but they continued to stream for another hour.

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