Maya Higa Got Compared To A Animated Character

Amiel Rose Andres - January 4, 2023
Maya Higa Got Compared To A Animated Character

Conservative Twitch streamer Maya Higa apparently “rage quit” her stream after receiving a humorous taunt. She received a link to a photo of Arthur Read, the star of the well-known animated series “Arthur,” while she was streaming.

Maya’s clothing in the broadcast seemed eerily identical to the character’s costume from the television program. Similar to Arthur, who typically wears a yellow sweatshirt with blue pants, the streamer was dressed in a yellow top and denim. One of the streamer’s fans gave the image to the 24-year-old, who then shared it with the rest of the conversation. The feed abruptly ended after the streamer left the room after making the mocking remark. 

Maya joined Twitch again after a two-week absence. Despite the humorous roast, the stream ultimately featured a cookery feed where the designer demonstrated her culinary skills. 

The nearly three-hour-long program featured a variety of foods, such as fruit salad and mac & cheese. The moment a viewer sent a link to a photo of Arthur, the cartoon character, showing that they resembled each other, towards the conclusion of the broadcast, however, was what garnered the most attention. 

In response to the image, she stated solemnly: “Oh…yeah, whatever, I’m ending (the stream) … Good bye.”

But it’s unclear if she found the meme offensive. The stream, which was approaching the three-hour mark and the streamer had finished all of her supper preparations, appeared to have abruptly ended. Nevertheless, it made for good laugh fodder.

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