Maya Higa Final Statement

Amiel Rose Andres - September 28, 2022
Maya Higa Final Statement

Maya Higa has made what she refers to be her final statement regarding the recently resurfaced controversy involving CrazySlick and Adrianah Lee, a Twitch content creator.

It was recently revealed that CrazySlick allegedly sexually assaulted Adrianah at a gathering in 2020. Mizkif, a Twitch star, is best friends with Slick, and Mizkif and Maya have been accused with covering up the incident after learning about it months later.

The claims against Mizkif and Maya appear to be partly genuine based on the statements of those who were either participated in or watched the events, while the severity of their acts is still up for question. Adrianah has denied that Maya tried to pressure her into downplaying what happened, but Mizkif soon apologized and said he shouldn’t have downplayed what was a “inexcusable” incident. As opposed to offering an apology, Maya instead addressed the matter over a Twitch stream in an effort to explain the circumstances and her role in them. But the debate hasn’t subsided, so on September 25, Maya made a last comment in a TwitLonger.

The creator of the content affirms in it that she didn’t mean to twist Adrianah’s account and didn’t want to hide a sexual assault. She said that even Adrianah did not view the incident as a sexual assault until [September 19, 2022], thus “this would not be possible.” 

Maya’s purpose in visiting Adrianah’s residence on the day she learnt of the contact between Adrianah and CrazySlick, according to her post, was to find out the truth about what had happened. Maya later expressed regret in the TwitLonger for not fully seeing that Adrianah’s response to the incident may have been improperly impacted by an unacknowledged power dynamic brought about by her status as a well-known Twitch streamer. 

Maya then expressed her gratitude to those who have supported her thus far while acknowledging that not everyone will continue to do so. She declared that she will “step away from [her] online platforms indefinitely” to wrap up her statement.

Since her most recent appearance on camera was on September 23, it appears that this also includes YouTube uploads and Twitch streaming.

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