Maya Higa Announces Latest Partnership

Amiel Rose Andres - June 11, 2022
Maya Higa Announces Latest Partnership

Maya Higa, a well-known Twitch streamer, recently made an announcement about her cooperation with the paid streaming service Hulu.

Higa is one of the most popular IRL streamers on Twitch, highlighting the need of protecting animals and the environment. In particular, Higa has organized some of the most successful charity events in the history of the platform, generating tens of thousands of dollars for her recently established Alveus Sanctuary. Higa has made waves in the relatively short time she has been on the platform, helping QTCinderella in leading the Streamer Awards and making prominent appearances in several of her subsequent collaboration events. Higa also revealed one of her most well-known sponsorships before a stream on June 9th.

In conjunction with its recent coverage of the NBA playoffs, Higa promoted its partnership with the streaming service for movies and television shows Hulu.

With the exception of the Hulu-branded pre-roll graphics that appeared before the stream started, notifications for new subscribers, and a brief advertisement read, very little changed in Higa’s actual stream content.

Twitch and other streaming platforms have drawn increased attention from traditional media streaming services as possible development areas. Netflix, the industry-leading streaming service, started its own Twitch channel in 2021, and it has recently experienced growth thanks to the revival of Stranger Things. Although the site recently included the main cast of Stranger Things in a Dungeons & Dragons game, it has not yet approached any specific streamers for a collaboration like Hulu has. Twitch may not have experienced the full power of the streaming wars that have gripped cord cutters worldwide, but both companies are nonetheless focused on expanding their user bases on other streaming services. 

Although it is unknown if Higa’s collaboration with Hulu will go beyond this debut stream, it might indicate the emergence of a new meta on the service.

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