Ludwig Warns Adin Ross

Amiel Rose Andres - March 1, 2023
Ludwig Warns Adin Ross

Popular YouTuber Ludwig is urging Adin Ross, 23, to change his ways before it’s too late after the 23-year-old was suspended from Twitch over the weekend for what appears to be an indefinite period of time.

Ross has recently shown a pattern of making dubious commercial and content-creating decisions, such as when he opened PornHub on his Kick stream and co-streamed the Super Bowl without a license. Ross continued to stream on Twitch for brief periods of time after announcing that he would be moving to the brand-new startup platform Kick in an effort to publicize his Kick channel. Also, according to Twitch, his most recent broadcast contained chat language that was not regulated and violated the platform’s policies against hateful speech. 

Ludwig isn’t buying Ross’s claims that he was banned for “no reason at all” despite his repeated claims to the contrary. 

Ludwig said, “Everything that he has done is fucking stupid. The ban makes total sense based off his behavior and all the shit that he said. Hopefully, he strays away from this path at the very least because he has so, so, so many viewers that are also so, so impressionable.”

Adin’s video that appeared to announce his switch to Kick, according to Ludwig, wasn’t necessarily a signal that he was permanently departing Twitch. He claimed that since Trainwreck had already announced a collaboration with Kick, it didn’t make sense for him to totally sever ties with Twitch. Train streams on Kick as a non-owner adviser, but he also does so on Twitch to help promote the startup’s potential rivalry. He stated, “I think he would have taken the approach that Train took, someone who’s guiding a lot of Kick’s decisions. Where you stream a set amount of hours on Kick, maybe 40, maybe 50 hours a month, while doing a set amount of hours on Twitch to try to bring your audience with seven million followers, Twitch, over to your audience with 100,000 followers, Kick. … That makes a lot more business sense.”

Ludwig points out that because of the platform’s ban evasion policies, Ross won’t even be allowed to work with Twitch creators after the suspension. Even though a lot of creators have switched platforms over the years, it has been customary for the top streamers on Twitch and YouTube to work together as a mutually advantageous cross-promotional tool for all of the creators participating.

But, Ross will no longer be permitted to make appearances on the broadcasts of creators with whom he previously collaborated on content, including powerhouses like Kai Cenat and xQc.

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