Ludwig Talks About How Police Damaged His House

Amiel Rose Andres - September 4, 2022
Ludwig Talks About How Police Damaged His House

Ludwig “Ludwig” Ahgren, a popular YouTuber who frequently receives swattings, was upset when Los Angeles police officers harmed his home during the most recent attempt.

Last week, when armed police officers showed up at Ludwig’s house, he was forced to quickly end a chess tournament stream. Ludwig claims that a troll gave the police his address, causing them to search his house while drawing their weapons. Before the broadcast concluded, the authorities could be seen on Ludwig’s stream inspecting his gaming area. Ludwig claimed to be “fine” at the time. He was repeatedly swatted, but he expressed displeasure with the LAPD for not getting in touch with him before pulling the risky prank and barging in. Ludwig claims that because to the frequency with which his address is utilized in swatting efforts, he had already provided the police with his phone number.

To prevent swatting instances, some streamers have talked of cooperating with the local police. Unfortunately, he was unable to stop the swatting, and he claims that the LAPD also wrecked devastation on his house.

SWAT police surrounded Ludwig’s home on August 29 and subsequently went inside to make sure there were no active threats. In his most recent episode of The Yard, Ludwig talked about the incident and further detailed what transpired. A video clip of his house after the raid was played throughout the episode. Above the stairs, a hole in his ceiling could be seen, spewing insulation all over his floor. According to Ludwig, an officer was searching the attic when he “fell through the ceiling” in a fit of terror after spotting a potentially harmful object there.

Officers came up to Ludwig, who was seated in the back of the police vehicle, carrying a document detailing the damages. Ludwig and other streamers are frequently still rattled up after having guns drawn on them without warning, even if no one was wounded during the swatting.

When authorities are informed that a fake threat has been made at a person’s home, swatting may be extremely dangerous and has even resulted in fatalities.

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