Ludwig Talks About Adin Ross Fan Accounts

Amiel Rose Andres - May 4, 2023
Ludwig Talks About Adin Ross Fan Accounts

In a recent Mogul Mail video titled “Huge Adin Ross Drama,” YouTube gaming star Ludwig discussed the Hasan “HasanAbi” and Adin Ross saga.

The Kick streamer’s legal team, according to a tweet from a fan account, was “undefeated,” Ludwig said after responding to HasanAbi’s assertion that he would sue Ross after the Florida native issued a DMCA strike against him. The graphic design delighted the Los Angeles-based multimedia producer, who questioned whether Adin Ross had paid the fan. They were thereafter referred to as Ross’ “PR crew” by him: “I find this really funny. Someone runs this, ‘Adin Update,’ account and they make little graphics for Adin. I don’t know if Adin pays them. I’m pretty sure he doesn’t But if he does, that’s like his own press release. It’s like a PR team!”

Ludwig went on to call it “pathetic” that the legal system was predicated on who could outdo another rather than being on the side of truth and justice in the following Mogul Mail video: “Isn’t it f**king depressing that the legal system is based off who can go, ‘band for band,’ harder? I think that’s pathetic! I think it should be the person who’s like, in the right! You know? On the side of, like, truth, injustice, and not the one who pays for the lawyers. Who are like, the most good, weaslely, ratty, or whatever.”

Then, in response to the social media update, the former Twitch streamer said: “I just thought this whole tweet was kind of f**king depressing!”

Ludwig said that he wouldn’t be producing another video with Adin Ross as the 13-minute clip came to an end. He clarified: “I’ll never make a video about Adin Ross again unless he does some crazy s**t that I just have to talk about, because man, I’m just f**king tired of it, bro! This is taking up too much of my damn time!”

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