Kick Throws Shade At Twitch

Amiel Rose Andres - April 20, 2023
Kick Throws Shade At Twitch

Kick has criticized Twitch for banning Kai Cenat, one of its most popular streamers, and criticizing the competing streaming service for its offerings.

Kick has been positioning itself as Twitch’s main competitor in the streaming market for some time, but it’s unusual for them to be this aggressive. The official Kick account called Kai Cenat a “priceless” loss for Twitch in a tweet that included the hashtag “MrBeast” and criticized the company for delivering him “one dollar” special Air Forces. 

The message highlighted Kick’s key competitive advantage over Twitch: its 50-50 revenue share with streamers. Kick, on the other hand, only keeps 5%, leaving 95% for the content provider. This was a significant motivator for GMHikaru to join Kick. The article further disparages the special Air Forces that Twitch provided to Kai Cenat and the DXRacers that Twitch collaborates with by placing them next to a garbage can emoji. Less than a month before they banned Kai, Twitch sent him to the Air Forces, which have “King of Twitch” written on the side. Kick even outdid Twitch by sending him a pair he liked more.

The tweet included a photo of Kai Cenat with a cross through him and the remark, “Banning your #1 streamer = priceless,” in addition to mentioning Hasan, another of Twitch’s top streamers. 

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