Kick CEO Talks About Contracts

Amiel Rose Andres - July 27, 2023
Kick CEO Talks About Contracts

Eddie Craven, the CEO of Kick, has hinted that contracts worth millions are “up for grabs” on the website for streamers looking for an exclusive arrangement.

Over the past few months, Kick has emerged as a significant rival to platforms like Twitch and YouTube, which have hosted many of the internet’s biggest live streamers for more than ten years. Despite the competition, Kick has been booming since early 2023 as it signs expensive contracts with large broadcasters, some of which aren’t even exclusive. For instance, in June, Kick made the infamous $100 million contract offer to Twitch star Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel, turning the heads of all internet content producers (and even garnering the attention of big-name celebrities in the process). 

The streamer may continue working on Twitch or other websites as he pleases during the two-year non-exclusive term of this agreement. Kick currently has a large roster of streamers, including Adin Ross, Amouranth, xQc, and others; however, the site’s CEO claims that even greater contracts are on the horizon. On July 21, CEO Eddie Craven revealed a few details via Twitter, saying the platform has “great ambitions” for the future.

“The greatest days of live streaming are still to come,” he wrote. “The greatest live content is still to be produced. The greatest streamers are still yet to do their first stream. We’ve got incredible plans, and Kick looks forward to leading the way into the next era of streaming.”

However, not everyone agrees that Kick’s decision to award lucrative contracts is a wise one. A Twitter user who disagreed with the statement wrote, “Signing xQc for $100 mil was a terrible mistake. In comparison to Kick, he streams more on Twitch.”

There is more than enough cheddar to go around, according to Craven. He responded, “[xQc] is a true flagship of the streaming industry. There’s definitely 100 x $1m deals up for grabs. There’s even 1,000 x $100k deals up for grabs. All alongside a creator incentive program made to ensure anyone can be paid a fair price for quality streams. Give us time.”

The CEO of Kick has previously discussed the commercial aspects of the platform; just last month, Craven told streamers that the site will not reduce subscription pay cuts and would maintain its highly wanted 95/5 split while also looking to adverts to keep things “sustainable.”

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