Kai Cenat Gifts Subs To Small Streamer

Amiel Rose Andres - February 27, 2023
Kai Cenat Gifts Subs To Small Streamer

During his latest subathon, Kai Cenat gave 100 Twitch subscriptions to a new streamer on the site, but he quickly regretted it when the streamer brought up recent viral videos.

Kai Canat announced the start of his month-long subathon known as the “Mafiathon” on February 1, 2023. Since starting his stream, he has purposefully been bitten by dogs, visited Universal Studios with xQc, and reached 200k subscribers. During his February 23 live, Kai chose a modest streamer to gift 100 Twitch subs to — but the celebration swiftly backfired on the star.

Kai Cenat found Twitch streamer Mikeyluvs and chose to give him 100 subscriptions to his channel because he wanted to show his appreciation for a lesser-known creative. That means Kai spent $499.99 on the creator, but the Twitch star’s elation was short-lived. 

The small streamer said; “OMG, Kai Cenat. It’s Kai Cenat. Wait a minute, wait a minute, wasn’t a girl just [doing sexual acts with him]? A girl was just [doing sexual acts with him] bro cut it out,” After hearing Mikeyluv’s comment, Kai reacted quickly and turned off his stream.

On February 23, deleted videos that claimed Kai Cenat had a sexual act performed on him mid-stream started to circulate online. Kai later refuted the allegations after deciding to address them after seeing the videos were becoming popular.

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