Kai Cenat And YourRAGE Encounter Racism

Amiel Rose Andres - November 1, 2022
Kai Cenat And YourRAGE Encounter Racism

It was intended to be a fun experience when Kai Cenat and YourRAGE laced on their boots and entered the world of Modern Warfare 2, and for the most part, it was.

But when the Twitch stars came across a racist player who started screaming racial slurs, including the n-word, things took a terrible turn. And after they exposed him, he redoubled his efforts. 

The racist player said; “Don’t buy the game Call of Duty if you don’t want to be called [the n-word]. Don’t talk.” 

Kai Cenat made an effort to remain calm and diffuse the situation. He said; “Yo! Dude. We don’t do that shit, bro. Chill out, man. Dude, what the fuck? That is totally not cool, man. What the fuck?” YourRAGE, on the other hand, wasn’t interested in talking sense into him. Instead, he attempted to incite him by claiming that the racist Call of Duty player was seeking to vent his envy of black males by attacking them. 

The player was prompted by this to utter a few additional epithets, one of which was homophobic. Kai Cenat had had enough at that moment. He said putting the foot down; “We don’t condone that. Take that shit somewhere else, bro. For real. I don’t condone that, bro. Stop. It’s not cool, man. Why don’t you like black people?”

The racist player went on a hysterical tirade, shouting controversial words to one another. Politics were mentioned in some of it, and the murder of George Floyd was also mentioned. Kai Cenat nevertheless made an effort to persuade him. He remarked, “Martin Luther King didn’t fight for us to be arguing,” Sadly, the CoD fan’s message only reached one ear. 

The Modern Warfare 2 match went back and forth until it was eventually over, at which point the racist player launched into one more irrational rant before his microphone cut out. Both Kai Cenat and YourRAGE lacked verbal expression. They came to the conclusion that it was the most racist lobby they had ever been in. For the viewers, it was a frightening moment as well.

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