JustAMinx Addresses Streamer Awards Drama

Amiel Rose Andres - March 26, 2023
JustAMinx Addresses Streamer Awards Drama

Days after Streamer Awards host QTCinderella described how her inebriated behavior resulted in a disastrous afterparty, JustAMinx has returned to Twitch.

Minx said that she struggles with alcohol and “needs to know when to stop drinking,” even though she assured her supporters she is on the road to recovery. Even though the 2023 Streamer Awards went down without a hitch and saw a considerable increase in views over the previous year, what transpired just after the presentation didn’t exactly match up. JustAMinx immediately sparked trouble with her excessive drinking at an official after party where dozens of famous people were present. 

According to the host QTCinderella, Minx was only permitted to attend under the stipulation that she refrain from drinking. Sadly, that didn’t last, and soon the party was called off, an ambulance was dispatched, and QT supposedly lost “$50,000 due to a contract with the venue.” Despite the turmoil playing out in the open, QT has since acknowledged she wishes she hadn’t revealed those information. Following up on her resuming Twitch live, Minx acknowledged her “borderline alcoholic” troubles are a factor but reassured followers she’s on the right track moving forward. Weeks prior, Minx had been banned for seeming intoxicated on the platform.

When Minx returned home and stayed with her parents, she recalled how her mother in particular was worried when she learned about the incident in LA. Upon returning home, though, those worries were put to rest because Minx seemed to be “fine.”

JustaMinx stated; “I’m a bit f***ing upset at everything that went on, but yeah I’m fine. What I need to stop is, when I go to a party, I need to know when to stop drinking. When I start drinking… I know that it’s borderline alcoholic.”

Minx revealed that she is taking precautions because of issues with her drinking problem in front of a boxing battle on KSI’s MF x DAZN series 006 event. Minx is “getting checkups, getting an MRI scan, and getting all the blood tests” as a result of a recent alcohol-related seizure.

She said; “For anyone saying don’t box because I had a seizure, please stop that. If the doctor says I can do it, online opinions don’t f***ing matter.”

Minx told followers that she is on the road to recovery now that she is back at home with her family and receiving the care she requires.

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