Ice Poseidon Admitted To $500K Scam

Amiel Rose Andres - February 1, 2022
Ice Poseidon Admitted To $500K Scam

You’re undoubtedly already familiar with Ice Poseidon if you’re a long-time Twitch user. His ‘IRL’ streams, which drew thousands of viewers from all around the world, were a hit with the former Twitch streamer.

After being exposed by Coffeezilla for allegedly stealing over $500k from his supporters through his crypto project CXcoin, which was put up in less than two weeks and has since been abandoned, Ice Poseidon finds himself back in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons. 

Ice Poseidon said that he would “look out for himself and not do that (return the money)” when confronted by Coffeezilla in a similar conversation. Despite repeated claims from Ice Poseidon that CXcoin would be a long-term project, he pulled the plug on it in only a few weeks, retaining most of the money out of the liquidity pool for himself, according to the report by Coffeezilla.

In the interview, Ice Poseidon admitted to defrauding his fans, but he expressed no remorse for his misdeeds. Instead, he went on to blame the investors for some of the problems. 

He said; “Part of the responsibility is on them as well, for putting too much emotion into it. Sometimes you have to look out for yourself, I don’t know how else you want me to put it… You could say it in all these different ways to make it sound as horrible as possible, and you know what? I could agree with you on some of those things. I just don’t like to put it in those specific ways, because that makes it sound like that was the intention from the start, which it wasn’t.”

Ice Poseidon stated after Coffeezilla repeatedly begged him to return the stolen money; “If you want the answer, yeah I could give the money back, it is within my power, but I am going to look out for myself and not do that.”

Following that, Ice Poseidon said in a follow-up Tweet from Coffeezilla that he would return $155k to his investors, which is a small percentage of what he took in the first place. However, Coffeezilla claims that only $40K has been restored to the liquidity pool, implying that he has once again misled. 

It remains to be seen whether Ice Poseidon’s conduct will result in legal consequences.

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