Ice Poseidon Accidentally Walks Into Stranger’s House

Amiel Rose Andres - May 17, 2023
Ice Poseidon Accidentally Walks Into Stranger’s House

Kick streamer Ice Poseidon was streaming his international adventures when he unintentionally entered a random woman’s home, shocking them both.

IRL streaming is a wildly popular subgenre of live broadcasting where streamers interact with viewers in real time about their activities and travels. The travelling broadcast is one of the more common IRL stream kinds. Although many influencers occasionally live stream their trips as a change of pace from their regular material, certain well-known streamers are well-known for showing off their adventures overseas. 

Another one of these streamers is Ice Poseidon. The artist is presently traveling in Nepal with some of his friends, but one of his most recent outings there didn’t go according to plan. Ice turned into an open hallway that, to the uneducated eye, would have appeared to be an alleyway as he was seeking to connect with a friend while strolling down a street. The streamer then entered what appeared to be someone’s backyard, which proved to be accurate when a woman emerged from a room behind him.

During a phone conversation with a friend, Ice questioned before turning around to see the woman staring at him. He said; “I think I’m in… oh, is this somebody’s house? Oh, hi, am I in your house?”

She acknowledged his suspicions with a nod. Ice continued to wander through the woman’s backyard in an effort to locate his buddies, but they eventually came upon him first and followed him into her backyard through the woman’s house. Fortunately, things worked out in the end, but everyone involved had an intriguing afternoon as a result of the experience. 

After a man in Japan assisted an inebriated passenger who was crawling off a train, this is just the most recent in-person streaming controversy to go viral.

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