Hasan’s Dating Advice

Amiel Rose Andres - November 26, 2021
Hasan’s Dating Advice

Twitch streamer xQc explained to his viewers why Hasan ‘HasanAbi’ Piker’s infamous dating advice is “dogs**t” and won’t work for them.

Hasan first gained notoriety on Twitch and YouTube for his dating advice videos, which he called “Chadvice.” The streamer still offers “Chadvice” streams on occasion, in which a panel of selected panelists offer relationship advice to individuals seeking advice on love. 

On November 25th, xQc was streaming and demonstrated to his audience why Hasan’s advice wouldn’t work in their everyday lives. During the live stream, the former Overwatch pro explained in detail why the advice is ineffective. He said, “Hasan’s ‘chadvice’ doesn’t work, ever. Hasan’s advice on dating is dogs**t. The guy has the looks of a f**kin’ marble Greek God. It doesn’t matter. He could sit AFK, and eat a booger, and he’d land a date. He would f**k on the first date, going AFK on the date. So why the f**k would I care what he says or what he does when he doesn’t have to do s**t!”

Because of Hasan’s “Greek God” appearance, xQc believed he couldn’t give sound advice to the typical person because most individuals don’t have his appearance or stature. Nonetheless, Hasan’s “chadvice” segment remains a popular one, and the advice will continue to be given.

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