Hasan Turned Down $500K Offer

Amiel Rose Andres - March 26, 2023
Hasan Turned Down $500K Offer

In a recent stream, Hasan explained why he often declines hefty sponsorship offers and once turned down a $500,000 offer to stream a poker game.

Hasan has long been an opponent of gambling streams and was one of the key speakers when streamers united to convince Twitch to outlaw gambling streams. He still insists on making the point, most recently clashed with Trainwrecks about his gambling streams. When discussing the negative feedback he received as a result of the conversation, he disclosed that in addition to routinely rejecting major sponsors, he has also turned down offers of up to $500k to play a single poker game live.

As Train made fun of Hasan’s $50,000 donation to the Syrian and Turkish disaster relief efforts as “a small percentage” of his salary, he began by discussing the disparity in their respective incomes. 

Hasan continued by describing how, despite having a similar audience, he does not make as much money as Train. He frequently declines sponsors, as he stated in the debate, which explains why there aren’t many ads in his broadcasts. On March 21, he declared, “I wasn’t lying about that by the way. I turned down half a million dollars to play poker on stream, literally that morning”

He claimed that this was the first and last time he would disclose the amount of money he had turned down, but he assured his audience that it was accurate. He said; “I don’t even have a f***ing issue with poker. I just don’t know how to play.”

As a result, don’t anticipate Hasan joining the gambling hype train any time soon; not even a generous offer like this could convince him to reconsider.

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