Hasan Talks About Myth Performance At Chessboxing Championship

Amiel Rose Andres - December 13, 2022
Hasan Talks About Myth Performance At Chessboxing Championship

The Mogul Chessboxing Championship match between Ali “Myth” Kabbani and Cherdley has garnered attention from the whole streaming community.

Because of its peculiar fusion of intellectual chess strategy and physical knockouts, YouTube sensation Ludwig’s Chessboxing competition has been drawing in record numbers of people. Fans have enjoyed watching prominent content creators spar in the boxing ring. The game between Myth and Cherdley, who neither knew how to play chess and only wanted to fight, was one of the most amusing so far. It will be a very competitive matchup because Cherdley has experience in boxing whereas Myth has an athletic build but no boxing expertise. They both appeared to be waiting for the opportunity to start bashing each other up while paying no attention to the chess game at all.

Many Twitch streams, like the take-happy star Hasan “HasanAbi” Piker, voiced their comments about the thrilling match after watching it. HasanAbi observed that Myth gave an outstanding performance after watching the match on Twitch with his supporters. He claimed that despite the fact that many other broadcasters had trained, some for five years, Myth still outperformed them. He said: “Myth showcases the best technical boxing.”

Most of the time, it appeared that Myth was winning. Cherdley could withstand a lot of hits, though, so Myth had his work cut out for him. HasanAbi had seen Myth’s skills and endurance throughout due to this. Leading up to the Chessboxing competition in 2022, Myth has undergone a significant change. Over the previous few months, he has bulked up while preparing to face Cherdley. HasanAbi appeared amazed by Myth’s commitment to maintaining his physical shape while also expanding his Twitch business.

The conflict was undoubtedly intriguing, but Cherdley and Myth’s desire to play chess seemed to be more of a deterrent than anything else. The announcers even suggested that the two participate in a match that focused more on fighting.

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