Hasan Takes On MultiVersus

Amiel Rose Andres - July 23, 2022
Hasan Takes On MultiVersus

Hasan is buying the buzz surrounding Warner’s upcoming free-to-play brawler MultiVersus even though the game is still in early access.

Warner has spent the previous week pushing the game through sponsored streams on Twitch. Although Hasan doesn’t necessarily enjoy playing fighting games, he performed a sponsored broadcast for the title earlier this week, and today he appeared to be giving the game extra free publicity. He stated, “I’m going long on MultiVersus and not because of the #ad.”

Hasan is renowned for his straightforward style of sharing his beliefs, and through the tone of his voice, he made it apparent that this week’s sponsored broadcast wasn’t skewing his views. The main claim he made was that the game’s publisher did more with it than simply display all of its Intellectual Property (IP) holdings. Numerous Lego games are among the titles in Warner’s catalog of video games based on popular intellectual property. They have made use of well-known IP, including Star Wars and Harry Potter. Popular fighting games like Mortal Kombat and Injustice 2 were also created by them. 

He said, “They finally did an IP play that actually is fun to play. This is infinitely better than 90% of the content that the Warner Bros. have put out in the past couple of years where all of their f***ing content is… basically just an IP flex.”

Hasan acknowledged that MultiVersus showcases a wide range of Warner’s intellectual property, but he thought the IP was all effectively utilized in this game. Hasan acknowledged that he didn’t have much experience with other brawlers, such as Smash Bros., but on Tuesday he played the game for nearly four hours as part of a sponsored webcast. According to Streams Charts, Hasan attracted an average of 29,633 spectators while playing the game, with a high of 34,062 viewers. His gameplay had somewhat fewer viewers than his time in Just Chatting, when he frequently discusses controversial political and news themes, as is normal for his broadcast.

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