Hasan Called Out by Dream

TwitchBeat - June 4, 2021
Hasan Called Out by Dream

Minecraft youtuber Dream recently posted a tweet calling out for twitch streamer Hasan Piker aka HasanAbi stating that Hasan was spreading outright lies about him and the tweet has now been deleted by now. In the past week, Dream has been out in the headlines after he posted a revelation admitting his cheating on his minecraft speedrun. He apologized for his mistake but he has been receiving a lot of backlash because of this.

Some streamers including twitch political commentator Hasan Piker aka HasanAbi shared their opinion on Dream’s situation. During HasanAbi’s recent live broadcast, he discussed during the stream about the time when Dream collaborated with the disgraced Minecraft founder Markus Persson or famously known online as Notch. Hasan stated; “Attacking your favorite content creators and writing massive threads about how it’s problematic to bring up slavery in any capacity in a video game roleplay scenario is ridiculous. This, just having Notch on a video like this with 16 million views, is significantly worse. I can’t even. This dude has been an avowed, out and about white supremacist transphobe for so long.” Hasan took issue to fans trying to cancel Karl Jacobs for being an Ice Poseidon fan at some point and protecting Dream after he made a viral video with the controversial Markus Persson.

It turns out, the stream reached Dream who was watching the stream and there, Dream tweeted out as he claimed that Hasan was spreading misinformation as well as bringing up out of context things. Dream’s tweet garnered thousands of likes but then shortly after, Dream decided to take it down. Hasan further invited Dream onto his stream and Dream seemingly quickly changed his tone and apologized to Hasan in front of thousands live on Twitch as he stated; “I’m sorry for the tweet. That was stupid. That was just me being an idiot. I was watching your stream and I was like ‘ah this f**king a**hole.’ My only thing was ‘oh he’s bringing up something I apologized for’ and not mentioning the apology, so people who are now being introduced to this would see it without the context.”

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