Hafþór Björnsson Interested In Joining Camp Knut

Amiel Rose Andres - August 7, 2022
Hafþór Björnsson Interested In Joining Camp Knut

The audio call between professional strongman Hafór Björnsson and Twitch sensation Matthew “Mizkif” during a recent livestream caught the attention of the streaming community.

Actor and strongman Hafór Björnsson, better known by his stage name Thor, is from Iceland. He gained notoriety for his depiction of the legendary Gregor “The Mountain” Clegane in the HBO fantasy series Game of Thrones. The internet star was curious to learn if the World’s Strongest Man would be open to joining Camp Knut as they spoke on stream. The reply from Hafór Björnsson was: “I could, you know, I would definitely, a 100% would like to come, it just has to fit into my schedule.”

Recently beginning to livestream on Twitch, Hafór Björnsson responded to some of the most popular videos depicting different One True King members taking part in Camp Knut. Viewers informed Mizkif that Hafór intended to make a call during his stream. Without further ado, the OTK co-founder started a call, and the two personalities started talking. 

The Austin, Texas resident invited Hafór to Camp Knut at the 43-minute point in the stream and said: “I have a question, would you really, because I know you’re busy, you’re filming in Rome, I mean, you’re the top dog, and some would say you’re a top G. Would you come out here actually to train with us for a week and you can meet your mod Knut.” 

Hafór answered that meeting the well-known livestreamers would be a “highlight” and that he would unquestionably be interested in going to Camp Knut. In addition to offering to find Hafór a suitable location to stay, Mizkif added: “Yeah, if you need an extra week, I mean like, if you really want to come and you need extra time, I will… I can find you a place to stay, I can figure all that stuff out. I did it for Knut, you can use my Nissan Altima. Yeah, I would totally be up if you want to. I know you are extremely busy.” 

Hafór anticipated engaging in a meaningful discussion about the matter: “Hey, on a serious note, let’s definitely talk about it, and let’s try to make it work. Like, I have some obligations to do, but it actually could work, and I would f***ing love it, and I’m not joking. If you’re actually being serious, I want to press it, and I’m being serious.” 

Mizkif joked that Knut wasn’t training him very hard to continue the conversation. Hafór, on the other hand, agreed with the Norwegian bodybuilder and asserted that the real issue was that the streamers were using their phones while working out.

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