Fortnite Season 5

TwitchBeat - December 28, 2020
Fortnite Season 5

Every season, Epic games makes lots of visible updates in Fortnite. The changes usually focus on skins, maps, and especially, weapons. With that reason, some common items eventually become rare items with just a single update.

Fortnite’s Season 5 recently launched some unique items to the game through the new Exotic variant.

In SypherPk’s recent video, The Twitch streamer played with what he swears to be the “rarest item in Season 5”:

Prior this month, the game developers removed Fortnite’s Grey Charge Shotgun because it was said to be too weak in comparison to the other Charge Shotguns in the game. Although, a few NPCs or Non-Player Characters in the second chapter of the 5th season map still offer a rare opportunity of dropping the said gun.

Ali Hassan, also known as SypherPK has a big name in the gaming industry and is known for his timeline of taking challenges, specifically on Fortnite.

He not just obtained the gun from an NPC but even made an attempt to earn a victory royale with it. Despite him being “not” a big fan of shotguns, he triumphantly dominated the game with a Double Barrel-Grey Charge Shotgun combo.

“Vaulted Charge Shotgun just destroyed this lobby. I hope this thing stays vaulted, cause it’s just too dangerous in my hands,”  SypherPK gloated after winning.

Winning a game with a Grey Charge Shotgun is certainly a coup that not everybody can do. SypherPK being a Pro Fortnite player did it so effortlessly and smoothly. Days prior, he won a game using NPCs only, and broke a world record while recording a challenge with co-content creators. It’s not really surprising that he achieved such things since he has been playing Fortnite literally since Day 1.

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