ExtraEmily Plays Dark Souls

Amiel Rose Andres - February 14, 2023
ExtraEmily Plays Dark Souls

Since its release, Dark Souls has consistently provided players with both a delight and a treasure mine of agony in equal measure.

ExtraEmily, a Twitch broadcaster, has started playing Dark Souls Remastered, a contemporary remake of the original game, and is now enjoying its delights for the first time.

ExtraEmily, who is notorious for how many deaths players experience while playing the game, installed a donation meter that increments each time she passes away. One dollar is given to the charity of her choice for each death. ExtraEmily in this example turned all of her fatalities into money for fellow streamer Mizkif’s earthquake relief fund for Turkey, which has so far raised more than $80,000. However, ExtraEmily battled through the majority of the early material before her feed cut off, as most of us have. She eventually managed to battle the Bell Gargoyles and ring the first bell after experiencing some ups and downs and suffering 146 deaths, which is a significant accomplishment for most first-time players. One boss encounter in particular throughout the journey there caused significant distress.

The monster in question was the Taurus Demon, regarded as the first real challenge for less experienced gamers. Players must figure out the boss’ routines because of its aggressive attitude and the limited area they have to platform in. The Taurus Demon was pushed to the edge of the bridge during ExtraEmily’s final try, which led to a delightfully unexpected victory when the boss fell to his death.

Her amazement was evident to her audience as well as to her, prompting to a “Does that count?” by ExtraEmily as she celebrated her win.

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