Esfand Speaks About Camp Knut Diet

Amiel Rose Andres - August 10, 2022
Esfand Speaks About Camp Knut Diet

Twitch personality Speaking about his time working out at Camp Knut, EsfandTV, commonly known as Esfand, asserted that the food he was given was making him sick.

EsfandTV headed to his Twitch channel to discuss his experience working out at the streamer fitness camp and playing Super Mario 64 with fellow Twitch content creator Bonnie before beginning the 18th day of Camp Knut for an intense chest day regimen. Esfand claimed that while working out at the gym had helped him lose 10 pounds, the stringent diet that had been prescribed to him was making him feel ill. He stated: “I mean, dude, my… I’m down 10 pounds, but I’m just… I’m just like exhausted. I’m like, I don’t feel good.”

Earlier today, the co-founder of The One True King (OTK) aired a three-hour webcast. At the 28-minute point, the streamer read aloud a comment left by a fan suggesting he utilize the diet-tracking app MacroFactor. 

The subject then turned to Esfand discussing his weight loss of 10 pounds while at Camp Knut and how his body had responded to the diet. Since the start of the streamer fitness camp, he claimed to have puked six times: “I’m like pooping and puking everywhere. Like, I’ve thrown up. I have a hard count of six pukes since Camp Knut started and hard count of like, infinite poops. In fact, I might even have to poop soon. Yeah.”

EsfandTV reported that Wake Wilder and Knut advised him to up his calorie intake after reading out loud some admiring fan remarks about his appearance: “‘You’re looking good.’ Yeah, man, I feel great! No, I think… uhh… yeah, it’s uhh… I just need more calories, I think, and that’s basically it. I mean, Wake and Knut both said to eat more calories, so…”

Due to his predicament, some fans seized the chance to make some ironic remarks by enquiring as to whether he knew any decent plumbers: “‘Hope you know some good plumbers.’ I don’t, that’s the problem.”

EsfandTV continued by saying that after Hafór “The Mountain” Björnsson attracted 200k Twitch channel subscribers, he would fly to Austin, Texas.

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