Esfand Helps Thief

Amiel Rose Andres - March 26, 2023
Esfand Helps Thief

Streamer Esfand was accidentally helping a suspected thief flee as security guards chased while he was just strolling through a San Francisco retail center.

Esfand graciously held open a store door for a man who was also leaving while streaming, and who is visible carrying a tablet and a hefty bag. Esfand held the door open for the two curious security guards who were pursuing the man. The two guards hesitated after the first man exited the building to make a decision before rushing out after him. The guards can then be heard shouting after the man: “Get him! He just stole a whole computer.”

Esfand ventures out into the stream and glances at the security personnel for a while before realizing what is going on. “Oh fr*ck, did I just pull an Uncle Ben and hold a door open for a thief? Oh my gosh.”

Esfand was mockingly complimented for his quick thinking, and it was suggested that the security guards should go after him because he was involved in the crime. One Reddit user joked: “He also held the door open for the security so it cancels out.”

Esfand has already been involved in odd IRL streaming events, so this is nothing new. He and three other streamers were the victims of a drive-by airsoft shooting at TwitchCon the previous year.

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