Emiru And Asmongold Talks About Their Motivations

Amiel Rose Andres - February 28, 2023
Emiru And Asmongold Talks About Their Motivations

Twitch streamers Emiru and Asmongold recently disclosed their motivations for starting their channels, and it turns out that both of them had a basic desire to make money.

Twitch has become a well-known platform in recent years for content creators to show off their skills and hobbies to a large audience. Twitch provides its customers with a wide variety of content thanks to its millions of streams from different parts of the globe. The reasons behind why content providers choose to stream on Twitch, however, are still a mystery.

For those who don’t know, Emiru is a well-known Twitch streamer and content creator with over 1.1 million Twitch followers. Her real name is Emily. She began her career by streaming League of Legends, and since then, she has also done so for titles like Minecraft, Valorant, and Among Us. With more than 3.3 million Twitch followers, Asmongold—whose real name is Zack—is also a well-known Twitch streamer and content creator.

His World of Warcraft livestream, where he offers commentary and explanations of the game’s mechanics, have earned him a following. Tectone, Asmongold, and Emiru talked about their reasons for beginning their Twitch streaming careers in the most recent episode of the Steak and Eggs podcast. Asmongold, a well-known Twitch user, was quite front when he said that his main reason for signing up was to make money. He acknowledged that while he was already earning some money from YouTube, he felt the need to look into more revenue streams. Emiru told a similar tale but provided more information about her situation. She disclosed that she was constantly playing League of Legends and that she was also looking for work at the time. One of her friends advised that she attempt Twitch streaming her gameplay, pointing out the opportunity for significant payments.

Emiru followed her friend’s advise and was successful at doing so, which helped to advance her streaming career. Beginning at 1:21:05 in the YouTube video, they go over their reasons for starting their Twitch career. 

These accounts from Emiru and Asmongold show that there is no one method that works for everyone who wants to be a successful Twitch streamer. Money may have been their main driving force, but they persisted because they were passionate about making content, developing a feeling of community, and enjoying the flexibility of streaming. Anyone thinking about a career in streaming should keep in mind that success in this fiercely competitive industry requires effort, commitment, and a little bit of luck.

Yet like Emiru and Asmongold have done, anyone can develop a lucrative streaming business with persistence and a love for what they do.

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