Dream Calls Out Hate Sent to Random People

TwitchBeat - June 12, 2021
Dream Calls Out Hate Sent to Random People

Minecraft star Dream recently clapped back at all those who were spreading hate online by claiming to have leaked fake “face reveals” of him calling the comments “harmful and gross.” Minecraft YouTuber Dream has become a staple name in the streaming community over the past few years and managed to gain millions of following and dedicated fans. He is known for wearing a stick figure mask as he never showed his face or shared any details about his identity. And recently, Dream promised to do a face reveal in a recent interview which has caused some of his fans to be excited since Dream stated that revealing his face would also lead to meet and greets and more variety in his content.

However, it seems like this also led to a lot of drama and something that seems to follow Dream everywhere. Right after Dream announced that he will do a face reveal in the future, a Twitter account decided to share an alleged picture of the YouTube star. The user claimed that the photo was from the Facebook account of one of Dream’s family members. The caption explained that Dream was not “some cute, ripped twink” as some fans expected and that he actually “uses his brother as a body double for merch pics.” This tweet immediately caused controversy, with fans arguing against the idea that Dream was catfishing his followers. Now, because of this, Dream has finally responded by calling out a lot of fans over insulting comments they’d left under the photo using his DreamHangout twitter account.

He posted a series of tweets and here’s what he stated; “People who don’t like me really jump through every hoop to justify hate. hating on the appearance of random people that are ‘leaked Dream face!’ isn’t the big win you think it is. I’ve seen it twice a day since I started YouTube. It’s harmful & gross & idiotic.” Then he went on to add, “Death threats, suicide encouragement, and harassment isn’t the big win they think it is either. Neither is fabricating screenshots or stories. Twitter can be the most ridiculous place sometimes, lots of hate and hostility. Remember to spread love and positivity. Keep on smiling.”

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