Drake & Kai Cenat In NBA 2K Game

Amiel Rose Andres - November 10, 2022
Drake & Kai Cenat In NBA 2K Game

The gaming and streaming community was taken aback on November 10th when Twitch sensation Kai Cenat teamed up with American rapper 21 Savage.

At one time, Cenat made contact with the Canadian rapper Drake and disclosed that well-known Twitch streamers had placed bets on him and 21 Savage to win an NBA 2K game. Drake raised the stakes and placed a staggering $121,000 wager against him after Kai Cenat said the maximum amount was $21,000: “How about this? This is my bet to you. I’mma put up $121k.” 

At the 02:47 minute mark, Drake received a video call from Kai Cenat inquiring when he would join him on the livestream. Rapper’s response was: “I’ve never really done a stream, unless it’s gambling. So I don’t know. We might have to set it up. Maybe 21 can set it up. I know where you’re at. So I might pull up on you.” 

21 Savage suggested that the streamer host a broadcast that is associated with Stake. Gambling-related content is no longer allowed on the purple platform, according to Cenat’s statement. The New Yorker went on to establish the broadcast’s context by explaining: “Okay, we’re about to play 2K. We have the whole stream. We have a whole bunch of streamers in here right now, that’s pulling up top dollar! Against 21 or me.” 

Drake said he was interested in betting and asked what the biggest stake was. Drake raised the stakes to $121,000 after Kai Cenat disclosed that the maximum wager was $21,000. The Grammy-winning musician established the rules and said: “If you win, I’ll pay you $121k. But if 21 wins, then me and you have to do something for the kids. We have to figure out like, we just got to do something. We got to go and just get back, somehow.” 

Kai Cenat went all in and gushed with delight: “Let’s do it! I’m with it! I’m with it, you feel what I’m saying? Just let me know, bro! You feel what I’m saying? I’m not going to lie. Let’s do it! I swear to god, let’s do it! It’s time to give back! Why not?” 

Drake continued the conversation by adding: “Nah listen. Like I said, I’m a man of my word. So if you beat my brother, $121k, I’ll bring it to you. If you lose, that means we got to do something major for the kids, somehow. We got to give back, bless the people.”

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