Dr Disrespect’s ‘Ratio’ Challenge

TwitchBeat - September 24, 2021
Dr Disrespect’s ‘Ratio’ Challenge

Dr. Disrespect claimed he would never be ratioed on social media, but that didn’t last long as Minecraft star Tubbo stepped up to the plate once more.

Minecraft streamers have been the talk of the town for the past several years. With the arrival of young, talented, and entertaining streamers like Dream, GeorgeNotFound, Ranboo, and Tubbo, Minecraft regained popularity. The new generation of Minecraft streamers has accomplished numerous incredible accomplishments and shattered the records of older, more well-known streams.

And recently, for the first time in history, a Minecraft stream ratioed one of the most popular youtube streamers Dr Disrespect.

Dr Disrespect’s record of never being ratioed online was broken by Tubbo, one of the most popular Minecraft streamers, when the latter stated that he had never been ratioed and will never be.

Dr. Disrespect took to Twitter on September 24th to say that he has never been out ratio’d and would never be. When Minecraft streamer Tubbo replied to his tweet with “Ratio old man,” he quickly realized he’d made a mistake.

For those who don’t know, ratio’d means a reply getting more likes than the main tweet. This frequently occurs when a tweet is replied to by someone who is more popular than the initial poster. And that’s precisely what happened to Dr. Disrespect.

Tubbo, a Minecraft streamer, has over 4.4 million Twitch followers, 2.8 million YouTube subscribers, and 2.8 million Twitter followers. His fan following is massive, with a lot of young people eager to hear from their favorite streamer. And it was just a matter of time after Tubbo replied to Dr Disrespect’s tweet before he got ratio’d. Dr Disrespect’s tweet currently has 57K likes, while Tubbo’s reply has 102K.

This has prompted Dr Disrespect to respond as he wrote; “Tubbo, I’m going to bed early and it’s not because I’m old. I’m expecting this to be deleted by the time I wake up at 5am.”

Tubbo hilariously apologized for everything, but this resulted in Dr Disrespect being out ratio’d by him once more. TommyInnit afterwards responded to the tweet and received more likes than Dr Disrespect.

Many streamers and content creators including TimTheTatman have reacted to Dr Disrespect’s tweet.

Dr. Disrespect, unfortunately, is now one of the many persons who have been ratio’d online. Tubbo nearly doubled the number of likes Dr Disrespect received on his tweet.

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