Disguised Toast And Valkyrae Talk About Pokimane, JiDion And Ninja Drama

Amiel Rose Andres - February 4, 2022
Disguised Toast And Valkyrae Talk About Pokimane, JiDion And Ninja Drama

Rachell “Valkyrae” and Disguised Toast discussed the entire Imane “Pokimane” x JiDion “Jidionpremium” and Tyler “Ninja” debate on one of OfflineTV’s latest podcasts.

Valkyrae revealed that she and Pokimane were playing Valorant late at night when the latter became “eerily quiet,” revealing that she was being hate-raided. 

JiDion, who has a large following on YouTube and TikTok, was the brains behind the move, for which he was banned from the platform permanently. To everyone’s dismay, however, things went from bad to worse when Pokimane received sexist comments that called into doubt her credentials as a streamer. Ninja’s involvement, Toast and Rae agreed, was the tipping moment in the debate. He called female streamers “b*****s” and pretended to contact JiDion’s Twitch representative to restore him. 

Pokimane was enraged, according to Valkyrae. Jessica Blevins, Ninja’s wife and manager, threatened her with legal action when she published all of the information with the community. After Ninja messaged Poki stating he didn’t accomplish what he said he would, Valkyrae accused Ninja and Jessica of “spreading lies.” 

Toast claimed that Ninja was attempting to “appeal to them” because he wanted to be the “cool guy,” but added that if he had been in Ninja’s place, he, too, would have struggled to make the proper decision. Toast stated; “I also think if I was in that position it would be really difficult for me to condemn it as well. Like ‘hey that was messed up, you can’t do that’ because if he did do that, he would get hate and he would get flamed.”

Rather than denying his role in the scandal and threatening Poki with legal action, the Canadian streamer doubled down and stated that Ninja could not have participated or should have apologized after the incident. Ninja texted his Twitch representative, Valkyrae and Toast believe, but only stated it to avoid a confrontation with JiDion and his infamous Twitch fanbase.

Lastly, Toast also stated that any streamer offering their viewpoint on the debate witnessed a large boost in viewership: “When Poki was talking about it, she doubled her viewership from 20k to 50k. Mizkif went to 70k. xQc went to 120k viewers covering the event.”

According to Valkyrae, the RTS co-founder felt better after sharing everything with her community. Regardless of what happened, she revealed that Pokimane is in a much better situation and that her feud with JiDion has recently ended.