Discord Color Sparks A Debate

Amiel Rose Andres - February 18, 2022
Discord Color Sparks A Debate

You undoubtedly use Discord if you play video games, but have you ever wondered what color it is? Gamers all over the world are divided about whether the logo should be blue or purple.

Discord is one of the most popular chat programs among gamers, if not the most popular. The app provides various capabilities to its millions of users, including server bots, voice chats, video calls, and written messaging. However, the community can’t seem to agree on the hue of the logo, which has sparked a heated debate on Twitter. 

A tweet from Patrick ‘ACHES’ Price, a former Call of Duty pro, has started a dispute among gamers about the hue of Discord. He just created a poll with the choices of ‘Purple’ or ‘Blue,’ and the community immediately went to war. A ‘Team Purple’ user said, “anyone who says blue needs to wear glasses ASAP.” While another added, “It’s purple, even put it in the color hex.” 

‘Team Blue,’ on the other hand, was not going down without a fight. One Twitter user stated; “it’s blue, anyone who says differently is wrong.” And another replied, “no shot they think it’s purple y’all are faded.”

People argued whether it should be purple or blue in the comments section. Despite the fact that purple received 55 percent of the nearly 22,000 votes, there is a valid option. It wasn’t an option, though. The good news is that all of them are theoretically correct. The official color of Discord, according to Brand Palettes, is… BLURPLE. It’s even featured as a brand color on Discord’s official website.

Simply put, blurple is a blend of blue and purple, however it appears to be more of a purple tone than blue when printed. Yes, we realize that isn’t the response you were hoping for, but it is the official hue. As it is a blend of both sides, this effectively indicates that there are no wrong responses.

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