Corpse Husband Stunned

TwitchBeat - February 15, 2021
Corpse Husband Stunned

Popular youtube personality Corpse Husband was left speechless after his fandom literally took to the sky and rented a plane as they promoted Corpse Husband’s single Agoraphobic on Spotify that was attached to the plane. Corpse Husband’s fanbase is known to be one of the most passionate and loyal communities of fans that exist in today’s age of social media. They never fail to leave a mark with their efforts. Recently, Corpse husband won a Times Square billboard from Gymshark by rationing the brand with over half a million likes thanks to his huge fanbase.

Corpse Husband fandom has now taken its support to a whole new level with its recent airborne message going viral on Twitter as now, his fans have promoted Corpse’s track with a title Agoraphobic that is attached to a plane in the sky. Because of this, the hashtag #CORPSEINTHESKY is trending on twitter with scores of fans celebrating the joyous occasion.

Corpse took over twitter and wrote; “WHAT, U GUYS GOT A PLANE FLOWN FOR ME LMAOOOO”. Additionally, what makes the situation all the more monumental for Corpse Husband is the subtle nod to a restaurant of his choice; “Sizzler’s Steakhouse”, which left him in sheer disbelief as he again wrote on twitter; “Y’ALL FLEW IT OVER A SIZZLER?? IM CRYING LMAO”.

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