CodeMiko Voices Out Displeasure With Twitch

Amiel Rose Andres - September 26, 2022
CodeMiko Voices Out Displeasure With Twitch

CodeMiko today joined a growing group of Twitch content creators in criticizing the platform’s plans to reduce the revenue-sharing percentages of many of its top creators.

Yuona Kang explained to viewers that a 50-50 income split doesn’t feel fair to her because of the work she does into creating her content while chatting to them as “The Technician,” her VTube altar identity when she is speaking as herself. She said; “Thank you so much Twitch for giving me a platform, and thank you so much for giving me the visibility that I needed. But the work that I’m putting in isn’t 50-50. 70-30 seems more fair, so I know that YouTube has 70-30 so I’m probably going to slowly migrate over to YouTube as well. I’m going to try to focus more on YouTube videos.”

She continued by saying that she finds it “fucking weird” that Twitch places commercials on VODs for streams yet prohibits streamers from making money off of such VODs. On the other hand, YouTube is more focused on producing monetized video content than it is on producing live content. Miko’s plans may not be finalized, but the way he is thinking seems to be consistent with the overall opinion expressed by popular YouTube streamer Ludwig soon after Twitch’s news.

Ludwig opined that live concurrent viewership metrics are not as significant as many people think because livestreams struggle to match the quality of recorded content. 

Ludwig came to the conclusion in his video analysis of the upcoming changes that streamers like Miko will switch to YouTube if they can do so for a higher profit margin. Miko herself seems to have realized that after some thought it might very well be the case. Miko’s way of thinking is comparable to that of another well-known creator. Nick “NMP” Polom stated earlier this week that he too plans to take similar steps and produce more video for YouTube.

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