Bloodshore Blending Hunger games And Twitch

TwitchBeat - September 17, 2021
Bloodshore Blending Hunger games And Twitch

Wales Interactive has carved itself a reputation for itself in the current era of FMV games, combining TV and film-style production with user choice and gameplay. It has a number of titles on Switch, including Maid of Sker and Five Dates, and has revealed that its next title, Bloodshore, will be published in November on the eShop.

The fundamental premise appears to be Twitch x Hunger Games, and Wales Interactive has

partnered up with a number of partners for what is definitely a large-scale initiative.

The following are some parts from the official press release:

This is the most FMV footage Wales Interactive has ever created, and it portrays a fatal live fight royale involving high-profile streamers, entertainers, and death row prisoners.

Bloodshore is a co-production between Wayout Pictures, Good Gate Media, Posterity Entertainment, and Wales Interactive that follows Nick, a washed-up actor who is fighting on Kill/Stream for a life-changing financial prize, despite the fact that The Island he finds himself on hides a terrible reality. Depending on the player’s decisions and the connections formed, each playing is different, and some will have fatal effects for Nick and his other participants.