Battlefield 2042 Hide Text Chat

TwitchBeat - November 22, 2021
Battlefield 2042 Hide Text Chat

Many players of Battlefield 2042 get in-game voice chat and most of them are not fans of toxicity. Having said that, many are also not a fan of the text chat popping up. The strategic importance of communicating with your team is somehow important but text chat can be turned off if strangers insist on calling other strangers trash or garbage over a video game. This is some tips on how to hide it in this guide.

If text chat appears on your screen, simply press H on your keyboard to hide it. The menu option to completely disable it, but when you do, make sure to update this guide because this is a temporary solution, users may need to hide the text chat every time they start a new game. It’s only a single press, so you will never have to deal with text chat in Battlefield 2042 for more than a fraction of a second if you remember to smash that H key like you do the like button on the latest JackFrags YouTube video.

To be fair, text chat in Battlefield 2042 isn’t always harmful. There are some friendly messages and even some tactical planning in there. However, as you progress through the game modes that are more competitive, you’ll notice a keyboard warrior or two emerge.

As a result, hiding chat for the current game by simply pressing the H key is ideal. You can leave it on until someone acts inappropriate and ruins it for everyone. You can leave it on if everyone stays cool. Consider the H key to be similar to a Twitch timeout: it’s only temporary, but it gets the job done most of the time.

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