AT&T Partners Up With Twitch

Amiel Rose Andres - November 18, 2021
AT&T Partners Up With Twitch

AT&T and Twitch have established a collaboration to identify and promote the next generation of streamers. The initiative, called the ‘Class of 2021,’ is looking for 12 streamers to sponsor. Equipment, sponsors, and mentors will be provided to these selected content creators. 

On Nov. 19, these 12 streamers will be revealed in their entirety. On AT&T’s official Twitch account, you may watch the live stream. Twitch’s homepage will also include the livestream. Andrea and Alexandra Botez of BotezLive, as well as SypherPK, will mentor the streamers welcomed into the Class of 2021. These seasoned streamers will share their knowledge and guidance with the ‘up-and-coming’ generation of content creators. Additionally, AT&T will provide the Class of 2021 with a complete stream studio setup. The streamers will be highlighted on Twitch’s homepage and will appear on AT&T’s Twitch channel on a regular basis.

The content creators that are chosen for the Class of 2021 will undoubtedly benefit from their selection. The completely sponsored studio, mentorship from Twitch veterans, and sudden Twitch exposure are all fantastic perks. The live unveiling will take place on November 19th.

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