Asmongold Talks About ‘That Vegan Teacher’

Amiel Rose Andres - May 16, 2023
Asmongold Talks About ‘That Vegan Teacher’

On May 14, 2023, Twitch streamer Zack “Asmongold” came upon a post on his subreddit displaying the most recent content from controversial YouTuber That Vegan Teacher.

She debates if “cats should exist” in it. Asmongold said after hearing the latter’s justifications for why cats should either be “veganized or euthanized”: “Bro, she’s just crazy! Like, what is it? It’s not hard! Like, why do people always get so surprised there’s a crazy person out there? She’s nuts! It’s not, like, it’s some kind of crazy f**k. Like, ‘I can’t believe this! Wow!’ She’s just nuts. It’s not that rare!”

On May 14, around the halfway point of his show, Asmongold came across a comment made by Redditor u/Hairy-Vermicelli-194, who offered a link to a video titled Should cats exist? If they are not vegan, they should be veganized or put to death. Pick one. That Vegan Teacher warned the audience to “open” their minds at the beginning of the three-minute documentary, warning that some viewers could find her interpretation of the event “over-the-top”: “We take of cats, right? I had two of them, several years ago. They were my first animal companions when I became a registered nurse and I loved them dearly. But since then, I’ve become vegan and I’ve come to see things a little bit differently. Don’t get me wrong. I still find them absolutely gorgeous and cute. They’re so soft and I like to be surrounded by them.”

Cats “have no place” in our homes or lives, the YouTuber continued. Every time someone purchases cat food, in her opinion, they are funding the “death of innocent animals”: “They have been bred into existence and kept with us as pets but they should never have been. Humans just enjoyed their company. So, they used them for entertainment and for comfort. But, the sad thing is… that for every person who has a cat, they are paying people to murder all kinds of other innocent animals and that’s not right. Every time you buy cat food, you are paying somebody to murder innocent animals, who also had a right to live.”

The YouTuber said at the end of the video that anyone who owns a cat who is not vegan is supporting “animal abuse”: “If your cats are not vegan yet, what are you waiting for? If your cats are not vegan, you are paying for animal abuse and that’s wrong.” 

Asmongold stated the following after hearing That Vegan Teacher urge people to “veganize” their cats. “I actually think Facebook should ban groups like that for promoting animal cruelty. I think so, like… it’s one thing to have, like, an opinion. But, like, it’s another thing to… like, for example, if you had a Facebook group and it’s called… ‘We love hamsters in microwaves,’ okay? And everybody would post pictures of their hamster in a microwave. I feel like Facebook would take that down. Right? I feel like, yeah, that’s kind of, I don’t know, that kind of sucks!”

Asmongold continued, saying he was speechless: “Yeah, she’s a different kind of crazy cat lady. I don’t know what to say!”

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