Asmongold Talks About MrBeast

Amiel Rose Andres - March 12, 2023
Asmongold Talks About MrBeast

Zack “Asmongold,” a Twitch sensation, hosted a gaming and Just Talking broadcast on March 11, 2023 on his secondary channel, Zackrawrr.

The content creator came upon a submission that explored the issue surrounding YouTube icon Jimmy “MrBeast” when responding to the most popular posts on his own subreddit. Asmongold responded to the incident and gave his thoughts on individuals who appeared to be criticizing MrBeast for his charitable endeavors after reading the text in its entirety. 

The Austin, Texas-based personality claimed that MrBeast’s detractors were “stupid” for not caring about individuals in Africa and only caring about how they “look” on social media. He declared: “People are mad at MrBeast for this kind of stuff. ‘People think that about MrBeast, never actually directly (or) indirectly helped anyone in Africa.’ Because they don’t give a f**k about helping people in Africa. They give a f**k about looking good on social media because they’re stupid!”

Asmongold came across a post by Redditor u/PiJeb at the 50-minute point of his program in which he claimed that MrBeast received criticism after his viral video in which he gave 20,000 shoes to African children went viral. The Twitch streamer responded when she saw this: “I did see this. MrBeast, once again, in the line of fire, gentlemen. ‘ (MrBeast) faces criticism after donating 20,000 pairs of shoes to South African children.'”

The co-founder of One True King (OTK) made a snarky remark and remembered an incident in which the Kansas native received criticism after healing 1,000 persons of blindness: “That’s right, guys. MrBeast, you know, we thought he did enough harm in the world by curing 1,000 people of blindness. And he said, ‘Wait a minute. Hold my beer. I’m going to go even further than that. I got another one in me!’ And he goes and gives 20,000 kids pairs of shoes. Can you believe that? He can’t get keep getting away. I know, this is disgusting and I see this on Twitter, regularly.”

Asmongold called the circumstance “funny.” Then, after having discussed wanting a “idiot tracking” website, he added: “People are mad at MrBeast for this kind of stuff. It’s so f**king funny to me. I wish that people would have a; I wish there was, like, a website, and it was like an idiot tracking website. And every single opinionated person on the internet, including me… I wish that you could go to that website and get a list of all the dumb s**t they’ve ever said.”

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