Amouranth & BrookAB Share Their Experiences With Stalkers

Amiel Rose Andres - August 1, 2022
Amouranth & BrookAB Share Their Experiences With Stalkers

Despite taking significant precautions to safeguard themselves, Kaitlyn “Amouranth” Siragusa, Brooke “BrookeAB” Bond, and other streamers have described their terrifying encounters with stalkers.

Sadly, stalking is a significant issue that is getting worse for content creators, especially women. Female performers from all of the streaming services have revealed their gruesome experiences to their devoted followers. Amouranth, who was left “fearing for her life” when a stranger went from Estonia to her home and livestreamed his entire experience, was one of the most famous examples. 

Along with her colleagues streamers DizzyKitten, BrookeAB, and Max Gonzalez, Amouranth has now spoken out about her experiences with stalkers. However, they are equally concerned about how little can be done to address the problem. Amouranth elaborated in an interview with The New York Times on her interactions with a fan who was so enamored with her that he sold everything to track her down from May to July 2022. 

She said; “In livestreams, they see into your home, into your bedroom, and it feels very personal with them. I think that is what contributes to a lot of the stalking: They feel like they know you.”

Amouranth took several precautions to safeguard herself in the days before the terrible incident, including hiring security guards, installing surveillance cameras all around her property, and informing authorities of the stalker’s whereabouts. Amouranth is unsure of how she might increase her protection, though. She added: “I don’t know what else to do at this point, besides build a moat with crocodiles.”

BrookeAB, a 100 Thieves streamer who has 1.3 million Twitch followers right now, also discussed her experience coping with harassers who doxxed her online. After being threatened with having “her house set on fire,” she even had to postpone her Coachella vacation. DizzyKitten, a creator of Twitch, asserted that one stalker found her home address after proclaiming his love for her. Then, armed with a rifle, she “barricaded” herself in a space. Since then, Twitch has often promised to take additional steps to defend streamers from similar assaults. Platforms, in Brooke’s opinion, “just don’t have any clue of what to do,” in the end.

Despite the unpleasant experiences, Amouranth insisted she wouldn’t trade her job for anything. She continued by saying that, regrettably, having such encounters online is “part of the territory” for women.

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