Adin Ross Boxing Match

Amiel Rose Andres - March 19, 2023
Adin Ross Boxing Match

Adin Ross, a former Twitch streamer, recently revealed that he will be entering the boxing ring for an upcoming fight, stirring up interest in the streaming community and leaving fans and followers anxiously awaiting more information on this exciting development.

Adin is merely the most recent example of a growing trend of popular streamers who have taken their identities outside of the streaming platform. One noteworthy example is the success of the Paul brothers, Jake and Logan, in making the transition from the world of streaming to the sport of boxing. The Paul siblings have used their significant online fan bases to generate excitement for their fights, which have included high-profile matches against fellow YouTuber KSI and other well-known competitors. Another streamer who has used his online notoriety to establish a reputation for himself in the boxing world is KSI. These instances highlight the expanding possibilities open to well-known streamers who are using their online platforms to enter markets other than streaming.

Adin Ross revealed that he would compete in a boxing fight in 2024 during his Kick stream on March 16. He didn’t say who his opponent was, but he did say that he would be facing off against another broadcaster. Ross’s followers were clamoring for more information, but the former Twitch broadcaster remained mum while pleading with them not to speculate and not to act strange. Ross’ decision to compete in a boxing fight is currently unknown, but it’s possible that he is seeking a new challenge and an opportunity to distinguish himself from his usual content.

The news has generated a lot of speculation about Ross’ opponent among viewers and other presenters in the online streaming community.

Professional Fortnite player Clix, who has a connection to Adin and might be a good candidate for the match, is one name that keeps popping up. Adin Ross has previously alluded to a possible boxing match. He announced plans to make his boxing debut during a stream in January, but he did not give viewers a precise date to look forward to. 

Kaitlyn “Amouranth” Siragusa, another prominent Twitch streamer, recently revealed she would make her boxing debut. Amouranth is getting ready for boxer Ibai Llanos Garatea’s “La Velada Del Ao III” (“The Evening of the Year III”) fight on July 1 in Madrid, Spain.

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