xQc Watched Banned Episode Of Pokemon

Amiel Rose Andres - April 26, 2023
xQc Watched Banned Episode Of Pokemon

The now-banned Pokemon episode that caused epileptic seizures across Japan has prompted a response from xQc, with the content creator clearly horrified and alarmed by the clip’s severity.

Despite being one of the most popular anime series of all time, Pokemon has occasionally found itself in the center of debate. One of the biggest was a canceled old episode of the show whose vivid colors and lights were suspected of causing epilepsy. The disputed episode can be found in the first season of the program. A Pokémon episode that aired in Japan in December 1997 apparently caused tens of thousands of kids to undergo seizures. Following this, the episode was outlawed, and the show took a four-month break. Pokemon was able to bounce back, and today we know it as the phenomenon it is.

Content creator xQc recently decided to watch a tape of the infamous episode and share his opinions and responses during a Twitch stream. The video only shows his face, but his replies give a very clear picture of what he is thinking.

Immediately, xQc turns away from the television and exclaims “omg” several times before exclaiming “oh my fu**ing god.” His face is reflected in the colors, and xQc is currently displaying a stunned and bewildered expression. He observes, then pauses to gather himself before continuing with the rest of his stream. He remarked, “That was insane.”

His response, however, demonstrates once more why the episode was outlawed and how harmful it was and could have been to young children in the late 1990s.

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