xQc Take On Kai Cenat And YourRAGE

Amiel Rose Andres - February 28, 2023
xQc Take On Kai Cenat And YourRAGE

On February 27, Twitch celebrity Felix “xQc” returned to his channel to play a variety of games. Also, he was the host of a Just Chatting segment where he responded to the most popular posts on the r/LivestreamFail subreddit.

Fellow Twitch content creators Kai Cenat and Josh “YourRAGE” discussed Matthew “Mizkif,” the co-founder of the One True King (OTK), “snitching” on them in one of the forum postings. When xQc heard what they said, he gave his opinion of the matter by calling their claim “backwards.” He gave an explanation for what he had said, saying: “Guys, I don’t want to go in and defend Mizkif, okay? But I think it’s a good time to say that these guys, they reacted to clips of banned people and had people go on their stream. They didn’t get banned. Miz did it and then Miz got banned. So, if anything, I mean, the argument here is backwards. How does it make any sense at all?”

On February 27, xQc was an hour into his show when he began to browse the forum for streamers. He stumbled upon a video from Kai Cenat’s recent livestream that had received a lot of votes in which the streamer complained that Twitch was deleting his VODs anytime he responded to material involving streamers who had been permanently banned, such as Darren “IShowSpeed” and JiDion. As heard from Kai Cenat: “Chat, the VODs that was missing, was because I reacted to like… (IShow)Speed and JiDion. But I got a phone call, like, ‘Yo! You cannot react to nobody!'”

The French-Canadian television personality paused the video and offered a believable justification for the VODs being removed by the livestreaming service. He stated: “I’m not going to rant, okay? The reason why it is like this is so you don’t harbor banned people and help them ban-evade. If you watch old clips of them and old documentaries that have them in it in the past, that’s fine! Okay? Most of the time. If you watch old s**t that they did, it’s usually fine. Okay? Because you’re not helping them sneaking through the cracks, okay?”

YourRAGE proceeded in Kai Cenat’s video by saying that the “old boy was snitching,” to which the former replied by inquiring as to if the latter was speaking to Mizkif. Again pausing the video, xQc argued that the streamers’ points were “backwards.” xQc replied after reading a few comments left by his Twitch viewers: “I don’t want to be… guys! Guys, this is backwards! I’m not defending Miz. I’ll defend anybody who is right. Okay? I don’t give a f**k what you think.” 

The Twitch star continued by saying that if he believed “anything” to be “true,” he would communicate that belief: “But if somebody is right, I’m not going to let some lie fly through the cracks because I don’t agree with the person saying it. That’s what weak a** people do, man! If something is just true, I’ll say how it is, regardless of who he’s saying at.”

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