xQc is Shocked at Halo Infinite’s Controller Aim Assist

Amiel Rose Andres - November 17, 2021
xQc is Shocked at Halo Infinite’s Controller Aim Assist

After stepping into Halo Infinite multiplayer and seeing the game’s “broken” aim assist, Twitch streamer Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel was left dumbfounded. 

Players have been getting to grips with Halo Infinite’s action and enjoying the game’s fast-paced online matches since the game’s surprise multiplayer debut on November 15th. While 343 Industries’ latest FPS has gotten positive reviews from the Halo community as a whole, many console gamers have complained about the game’s intrusive aim assist.

During a stream on November 16th, Twitch streamer xQc jumped right into the action, commenting on the “broken” controller aim assist and being astounded by how easy it was to land shots. xQc jumped into Halo Infinite the day it was released, entered a short match, and began knocking out opponents from afar. While the streamer had played a lot of FPS games, he didn’t attribute his lethal aim to skill, instead recognizing that the aim assist was doing the most of the work.

It’s safe to assume xQc wasn’t expecting to land so many shots as soon as he went into multiplayer, so he appealed to his chat to look at what he was witnessing. He asks them; “Are you guys seeing this? Are you not seeing this? Look at it! Look at it! Look!” 

xQc couldn’t believe what he was seeing after beaming down an enemy at long range without even having to aim, describing the controller aim help as “broken.” He continued; “Oh my god, oh my, oh my god, look… I’m not even aiming, I’m not even aiming, I let go of the joystick, I let go of the joystick entirely.”

Because Halo Infinite’s multiplayer is still in beta, we can expect more changes from 343 before the game’s full release on December 8th.

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