xQc Gets Angry And ShowsMessy Room

Amiel Rose Andres - November 21, 2022
xQc Gets Angry And ShowsMessy Room

Twitch star Felix “xQc” encountered an odd circumstance on November 21st while responding to some popular videos.

The streamer lost his cool after accidentally spilling coffee on his desk. Felix made an effort to remain calm, but instead lost control and smashed his desk. Then he used the chance to show off the disarray in his room, which included a lot of empty food and drink containers near his streaming equipment. The formerly-pro Overwatch player said: “Boys, this s**t is off the f***ing rails, man! Okay, man?”

At the 15-minute point of xQc’s November 21st stream, viewers uploaded a YouTube video with Twitch streamer Sebastian “Forsen.” The French Canadian watched the video that his community had posted and replied: “Bro, stop linking s**t to Forsen, man! Bro!”

The coffee cup on xQc’s desk spilled when he smashed his desk. The 26-year-old was furious over this: “No! There’s coffee everywhere! F**k! F**k! All right, man, all right, man. I’m not going to get f***ing mald. I’m not going to get f***ing mald. All right, man. You guys, we’ll not start the day like this. Okay? I’m not going to get mald. I’m not… you know what, chat? I f***ing deserve it! I f***ing deserve it (loudly smashes his desk once more)! I’m actually going to f***ing mald. It’s going to happen.” 

The content creator claimed that things had gone “off the rails” as he seized the webcam and pointed it around his broadcasting space. He clarified: “Listen, the problem isn’t how much there is. Okay? The problem is… is how long it’s f***ing… oh my god, I got to f***ing chew that one! The problem is… is how long this s**t has been there (streamer points at empty fast-food packaging). Bro! It’s the amount of time this s**t has been there! Does that make sense?” 

In two weeks, xQc said he hadn’t cleaned his room: “It’s… Dude, it’s like, two weeks, man! Okay? This chicken… I don’t… you know what…”

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