Why MF & DAZN X Series 6 Fight Was Canceled, JustaMinx Revealed

Amiel Rose Andres - April 17, 2023
Why MF & DAZN X Series 6 Fight Was Canceled, JustaMinx Revealed

Twitch streamer JustAMinx has provided an explanation for the last-minute postponement of her forthcoming match versus YouTuber Fangs.

At Creator Clash 1, JustAMinx made her boxing debut in 2022, becoming the first female influencer to do so. Since losing to TikToker Yodeling Haley in the fourth round of their fight, the Irish Twitch sensation has been itching to return to the ring.  On April 21, Minx eventually agreed to fight YouTuber and OnlyFans model Fangs. However, the 26-year-old said that her battle had been postponed just one week before fight night.

After agreeing to a contract earlier in 2023, Minx was prepared to face Fangs after over a year had passed since her last combat. However, she confirmed that her planned fight had been cancelled in a tweet on April 16 and explained that she had to do so because of problems with the American embassy. She wrote; “Got unlucky with the embassy. They said it’d take two weeks to get my passport back but it’s sadly been more than a month now. I’ll see you guys on the next card.”

Thankfully, Fangs will still be fighting on April 21 after having two prior fights called off, with musician Alaena Vampira filling in as the opponent. “Yeah, I wasn’t gonna let her down again,” said Misfits organizer MamsTaylor. “Also, Vampira is a bad ass too. Should be a great fight.” 

But given that Minx is still eager to fight, it appears like her boxing career will continue. While it’s unlikely that she will compete on the undercard of KSI vs. Joe Fournier on May 13 in London, there is a chance that she could make her Misfits debut on the Series 008 card in Nashville in June.

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