Vargskelethor Breaks GTA San Andreas Remastered Vending Machine

TwitchBeat - November 14, 2021
Vargskelethor Breaks GTA San Andreas Remastered Vending Machine

Twitch streamer ‘Vargskelethor’ recently encountered a game-breaking glitch involving GTA: San Andreas’ vending machines while playing through the GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition, which nearly cut his playthrough short in hilarious fashion.

With some of the most popular Rockstar games ever returning to fans, anticipation for the GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition was high, but the community quickly divided after leaks surfaced prior to the games’ release.

The Trilogy’s release was met with mixed reviews, with some players even comparing it to the release of Cyberpunk 2077. The huge talks and excitement surrounding the return of Grand Theft Auto III, Vice City, and San Andreas faded quickly in the face of numerous bugs.

While each game has been plagued by bugs, some glitches can have a happy ending, such as when Twitch streamer Vargskelethor nearly bricked his entire GTA: San Andreas playthrough by overloading a vending machine.

Vargskelethor decided to have some fun with the game’s vending machines during his San Andreas run, and stood around for nearly an hour buying GTA’s signature Sprunk sodas, drinking them, and repeating the process He and his audience were laughing heartily about the antics when an error message appeared on his Nintendo Switch’s screen that show saying that the software was closed due to an error.

Vargskelethor burst out laughing, joking with his audience, and said that he drank the game to death. He’s not sure he’ll be able to top that and his character downed more than 600 sodas before the game crashed.

He restarted the game and attempted to load his last save, only to discover that the file had become corrupted. He exclaimed saying that there’s no way and that he refused to believe and tried loading his previous save over and over, only to be met with the same error message, which eventually caused the streamer to burst out laughing.

Normally, losing playtime due to a corrupted save is a rage-inducing experience, but this one had a happy ending. Vargskelethor discovered that the game had autosaved for him a while ago, saving the majority (if not all) of his progress.

So, if you’re playing GTA San Andreas remastered and get a hankering for Sprunk, don’t drink more than 600 bottles at a time unless you want to risk your save file.

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