Valkyrae Offers Sykkuno A Flight Ticket

Amiel Rose Andres - June 19, 2022
Valkyrae Offers Sykkuno A Flight Ticket

During a recent live, YouTube Gaming stars Sykkuno and Valkyrae got together to play and practice Minecraft for a forthcoming event.

Sykkuno hinted on May 13th that he would soon be returning to his native Las Vegas, Nevada, saying, “I’ll be back eventually.” 

After relocating to Las Vegas a week later, Sykkuno discussed his time spent living in Los Angeles with Valkyrae, Fuslie, and other well-known content creators. After Sykkuno left the Los Angeles streamer home, Rae frequently expressed how much she missed the artist. She recently offered to buy him a plane ticket in the hopes that the former Twitch streamer would be able to come and attend the Roomy Game Night the following day. The YouTube gaming celebrities got together to play some Minecraft and hone their gaming abilities. 

While they were at it, the co-owner of 100 Thieves learned that Sykkuno wouldn’t be able to attend their Roomy Game Night that evening because it was on the same day. She then made the offer to pay for his airline ticket, saying: “Oh my gosh, we’re going to have Roomy Game Night tonight and eat food and you’re not here. Can I just buy your flight and you can come over.”

Rae’s offer astounded Sykkuno, who then posed the following challenge to her: “Oh, if you beat me in the Minecraft parkour.”

In response to the conditions Sykkuno had established, Valkyrae stated: “Are you serious? You’re that confident that… that I’m going to lose to you? Because you wouldn’t never fly here tonight, so you’re betting it because you know I’m trash!”

The GTA 5 RP gamer defended himself by saying that he didn’t mean to imply that Rae was a poor Minecraft player. 

When the banter-filled discussion between the two friends came to a conclusion, Sykkuno urged Valkyare to enjoy herself at the forthcoming Roomy Game Night.

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